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Do Indoor Cats Need Shots? The Importance Of Vaccine For Your Indoor Cats

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Do Indoor Cats Need Shots

Do Indoor Cats Need Shots?

It is known that pets like cat or dog need vaccination regularly. The vaccination does not only work to keep the pet in healthy condition but also preventing it brings infection towards other animals and human. Some of you might be wondering whether it is necessary or not for a cat which remains indoors all the time to get full slate of vaccinations. This is common concern for many people. Some pet owners who have indoor kitten are commonly asking whether it is safe to omit some vaccines. Do indoor cats need shots? Read this article to get brief information.

Do indoor cats need shots? They certainly do. If a cat stays indoor, there are some vaccines which they should get and they need. Your indoor cats need two or three vaccines. The first vaccine is the combination vaccine which goes by acronym, FVRCP. The vaccine stands for feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia. Your kitten should get the vaccine when they are 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age. The vaccine should be repeated annually thereafter. You might find injectable vaccines for same disease. These vaccines are considered to last three years.

Another vaccine which should be given to your kitten is rabies shots for cats. This vaccine is highly recommended by veterinarians. Your kitten can get this vaccine when they are at 12 to 16 weeks of age. After getting the first rabies vaccine, your kitten should get it annually. Do indoor cats need shots? They indeed need.

Do indoor cats need shots? After knowing the answer of this question, you might be wondering why they need the vaccines. There are two main reasons. The vaccine is working effectively to prevent the disease. It is very important to protect your cat from this disease since it is devastating if not fatal. Having good vaccines helps your pet to avoid those diseases. You might already about rhinotracheitis is sever upper respiratory infection which is caused by feline type 1, herpesvirus. The most severe case occurs at young kittens and older cats. The disease is considered as one of the most serious upper respiratory diseases which occur at cats. For your information, the virus is airborne and contagious in susceptible animals.

It is also possible for your cats to suffer from several strains of caliciviruses. The viruses are able to cause various diseases starting from mild to sever disease. When the viruses attack your kitten, those viruses can cause asymptomatic infection. Your kitten can also suffer from life-threating pneumonia. In many cases, you can only show the trace of the problem in mouth, nasal passages, and mucus membranes of the eyes. The viruses will be transmitted by direct contact with infected cat or object which harbors the virus. The virus will survive eight to ten days in the environment and carrier cat is able to pass the virus into the environment for up to a year. If you are wondering do indoor cats need shots, it is indeed important to keep their health.

Do Indoor Cats Need Shots? This is The Conclusion

Rabies shots are definitely important. Rabies can occur because of virus which infects mammals including people. The reason why indoor cats should get the vaccine is because bats and small mammals which enter your homes. Cats have the habit to catch them. Another reason is because rabies can be very fatal for human health problem if your cat becomes rabid by any route. Ensure your indoor cats get all vaccines needed for their health. So our question is: Do indoor cats need shots? Definitely Yes!

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